Are you feeling blocked or stuck in life but have no idea why?

Do you…

  • Experience random anxiety and/or panic attacks that confuse you?
  • Come from a dysfunctional family-of-origin?
  • Have unaddressed childhood trauma?
  • Identify as being intuitive, sensitive, and/or empathic?
  • Have trouble experiencing a sense of play, joy, and creativity?
  • Struggle to identify your own wants, needs, values, and life purpose?
  • Suffer from low self esteem?
  • Avoid conflict at any cost and seek to please others?
  • Identify as being the Family Scapegoat?

I understand, because I’ve been where you are. I’ve spent most of my adult life on a path of healing and transformational growth and for the past 20 years have helped others do the same via my counseling and coaching practices. I’d love to help you step fully into your authentic self so that you can live a life that is fueled by a sense of wholeness, purpose, passion, and integrity.

“Rebecca has been my therapist for over a year now. I am deeply grateful for how she listens, asks questions and advises me. I feel that I am heard, cared for, and taken seriously. We have walked through my various challenging family situations together! I appreciate that with Rebecca’s guidance I have more clarity on where I have come from, and insight into where I want to go.

-L.I. – 9/2019

Did you know that you can do therapy sessions from the comfort of your own home? Online therapy, or “telemental health,” is a convenient and effective method for treating many mental health concerns, including relationship difficulties, recovering from codependency and/or dysfunctional family dynamics, anxiety, depression, stress, grief, etc. If you have been struggling, you do not have to face it on your own. I can meet with you via live video, secure instant message (chat), or over the phone, as long as you are a resident of California (my life and career coaching services are available internationally). 

Online therapy sessions are conducted via videoconference that is fully HIPAA-compliant. For online sessions, I use SimplePractice. SimplePractice is a free, fully encrypted, HIPAA-compliant video conference platform that works much like Skype or FaceTime. However, with Skype or FaceTime, your privacy is not ensured. Through SimplePractice, your privacy is preserved and sessions are completely confidential.

SimplePractice is compatible with Windows and Mac and is also accessible through a mobile device. Recommended browsers are Chrome or Firefox; however, it is also compatible with Internet Explorer and Safari. There is no need to register with any service or download any applications (however, if you use a mobile device to access the video, you will need the Telehealth for SimplePractice app. You can download it here for iOS or here for Android).  

Benefits of Online Therapy



Tight schedule? Not a problem!

No traffic to worry about.

No driving involved.



Great therapy from potentially across the country!



From the comfort of your own home.

Less stressful.



Proven to be just as effective as in-person therapy.


There are circumstances where online therapy is not recommended, including:

  • If you are having any thoughts of harming yourself
  • If you are in an emergency or crisis situation
  • If you are required to undergo therapy by the court or any other authority
  • If you have been diagnosed with a severe mental illness

Getting Started

To participate in online therapy with me you will need:

  Access to a computer (desktop or laptop) or mobile device. 

Reliable internet connection.


Meet device requirements:


For laptop or desktop computer, Chrome or Firefox browsers are recommended. Internet Explorer and Safari are also compatible, but may affect the quality of the video. 

For Mobile Device, it is recommended to use at least iOS 10 or Android 6.0 for best quality video. You will need to download the Telehealth by SimplePractice application. You can find them here: for iOS or for Android


Online Therapy 

Phone Therapy

Life Coaching

Career Coaching

Rates / Fees

I do not currently accept insurance; however, I can provide you with a superbill that you can submit to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement. Contact your insurance company for details.

.My fee is $125.00 per 50-minute hour for online sessions. I also offer discounted package-rates if you would like to pay for more than one session at a time.

.I also offer sliding scale rates for those in genuine financial need. Please call or e-mail to discuss any financial concerns you may have.

About Rebecca C. Mandeville

I’m a  licensed Marriage, Family therapist practicing in California with over 15 years of experience working with individuals, adolescents, couples, and families. I work with a wide range of concerns including anxiety, stress, depression, relationship issues, trauma and abuse, family conflicts, grief and loss, anger, career difficulties, and confidence issues. I will work with you to meet your unique and specific goals.

My therapeutic approach is integrative. I incorporate my skills in transpersonal, humanistic, and existential therapy, as well as cognitive behavioral therapy, and family systems therapy to tailor our session to your specific needs. I will also utilize narrative and solution-focused techniques in therapy, if they’re a good fit.

It takes courage to seek a more fulfilling and happier life and to take the first steps towards a change. If you are ready to take that step, I will walk with you, support you, and empower you. Let’s get started.


Discover How To Live As Your True Self With Video Counseling That Fits Your Schedule!


Experience affordable, private psychotherapy sessions (California) from the comfort of your home or office using the secure, HIPAA-compliant ‘Telehealth’ platform.

To find out more about my secure online counseling services or my executive consulting and career counseling services, please contact me by phone to schedule your FREE 20-MINUTE CONSULTATION at:


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[Special understanding of specific challenges faced by those with a high-profile media or celebrity presence.]

I look forward to connecting with you!

Rebecca C. Mandeville, MA, MFT

Rebecca received her Masters in Counseling Psychology degree from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (now known as Sofia University) in 2004. She became licensed as a Marriage, Family Therapist in 2006, at which time she opened her own private practice. She also served as Core Faculty at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in both their Global and Residential programs, where she taught courses on Family Systems, Diversity Awareness, and Addiction. In addition to her private psychotherapy practice serving California residents, Rebecca also serves clients internationally as an Executive Consultant, Career Counselor, and Life Coach.